Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
Core XLite 2 Kite Only
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Core XLite 2 Kite Only


    CORE XLITE 2 Kite Only

    Foil Sizes: 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 10m | 11m | 12m

    The Specialized Series XLITE 2 is a one-strut foil kite that’s tuned to perfection. By fusing the power of our Nexus allrounder and the superlative drifting from our unbeatable Section wave kite we created a foiling machine that’s an honest 30% lighter than the already light Nexus.

    The new CoreTex 2.0 canopy features massively improved tear resistance in both directions, slight weight savings, and a new emulsion that improves flight, durability, and longevity. The ExoTex Light on our struts and leading edge is super tough yet lighter than our industry-leading airframe material. Thinner, anti-snag bridles further reduce weight and improve water relaunching.

    Serious foilers will feel how light and responsive the XLITE 2 is in the air. And how it loops with just enough pull to get you safely around your air jibes. Beginners will appreciate the XLITE’s reverse launch ability. Whether it’s foiling lake Garda, foilsurfing Silver Rock’s swell, or freestyling your home spot, the XLITE 2 will light up your foil.

    Accelerate your progression
    There’s nothing better than silently traversing your liquid playground with the new XLITE 2. Imagine effortless and precise riding in even the lightest of winds with our fully optimized foiling kite. Add a Sensor 3 Pro Foil bar and SLC foil for a combo that will accelerate your foiling progression.

    The canopy material receives a major upgrade that adds more muscle and durability, a big plus for single strut kites. We added 2 and 3-meter sizes for slicing up the Gorge and a 13.5m for those super-light summer breezes. Heavily modified bridle, panels, and shape accommodate the new smaller sizes to deliver the ultimate foiling experience. Get your XLITE 2 and join the foiling revolution.


    • EXOTEX® LIGHT ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Super light, zero stretch airframes
    • New CORETEX® 2.0 CANOPY: Powerful. Durable. And UV protected
    • ONE STRUT LIGHT FRAME: Lightweight driftability. Easy water relaunching
    • LW PROFILE: Drift-tuned camber for light wind magic
    • FUTURE-C SHAPE: For fast, tight turns when jibing
    • CIT MODES: Customizable “power steering” and turning speed
    • ULTRASHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: For improved kite feedback
    • INSTANT RELAUNCH: Easy, strut-supported waterstarts
    • SPEED VALVE 2: Fast, reduced effort inflation
    • SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: High capacity, all strut inflation
    • SENSOR BAR READY: Calibrated for all Sensor bar systems

    Package Includes
    Kite Carry Bag
    Repair Kit
    Control Bar and Pump Sold Separately 


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