Landkiting & Land Kiteboarding Gear

Ozone Explore V1


Flysurfer Peak 4 single skin foil kite


MBS Colt 90X - Constellation


MBS Pro 97 Board - Dylan Warren II


Cross Kites Boarder 2.1m Trainer Kite


Cross Kites Quattro V2


Peter Lynn Hornet 2021


MBS FiveStar Hub (ea.) - White - 2016


MBS Truck Bushings - Orange - Medium 95A (4 pcs)


MBS 9'' Inner Tube


MBS 8'' Inner Tube


MBS Shock Blocks - Orange - Medium (4 pcs)


MBS Save-A-Ride Kit


Peter Lynn Backstrap


Cross Kites Air


Slingshot B3 Ready Re-launch System


Discover the Best Land Kiting Gear for Your Adventures

Dive into our range of equipment specifically designed for land kiteboarding. Experience the joy of harnessing the power of wind while on the ground with our carefully curated selection of gear made for all you land-kiting enthusiasts out there. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in land kiteboarding our collection offers the latest in landboard kites and cool accessories to make your time on land fantastic.

Our boards and kites are of quality engineered to provide an exciting ride regardless of the terrain. They prioritise stability and control allowing you to effortlessly execute high-speed maneuvers, jumps and smooth rides. Land kiteboarding has become a thrilling adventure for everyone.

Designed with a focus on excellence and performance our collection caters to all kind of skill levels and individual preferences. We have handpicked gear that combines safety with excitement so that you can concentrate on improving your skills while savouring every moment of joy that accompanies kiteboarding on land.