Wing Foiling

Ozone 2023 Flux V1 Wind Wing


Ocean Rodeo 2023 Glide 2.0 AA-Series Aeris Wind Wing


Core 2024 Halo PRO Wind Wing


North 2022 Nova Wind Wing


Armstrong A Wind wing V2


PPC Surge V2


North 2021 Nova Wind Wing


Slingshot SlingWing V3


Slingshot Dart V1


North Sonar Kite hydrofoil kit (No Front Wing)


SiC Raptor Foil Board 5'0"


North Sonar Front wing


North Sonar High Aspect front wing


North Sonar R series Hydrofoil front wing


North 2022 Sonar MA1050 Front Wing


North 2022 Sonar MA1350 Front Wing


Wing Foiling is the latest wind-powered sport that is quickly gaining popularity due to its accessibility for all ages and the fact that its not a kite and does not involve complex lessons. No lines equal lots more places to enjoy the wind in both flat water and especially waves.

Kitepower stocks the latest Hydrfoils from Axis, Armstrong, North, Slingshot, Shinn and Cabrinha. Wing Wings we stock are from Cabrinha, North, Armstrong, PPC and Slingshot.