Axis 2024 SPITFIRE Carbon Hydrofoil Wing


Axis 2024 ART PRO Carbon Hydrofoil Wing


Axis 2022 Black Standard Fuselage


Axis Spitfire Series Carbon Front hydrofoil wing


Axis 2024 Prone Surf Foilboard


Axis 2024 DW - Downwinder Carbon Foilboard


Axis ART PRO 2023 Carbon Front hydrofoil wing


AXIS 2024 PRO Ultra High Modulus Carbon - Foil Mast & Base Plate


Axis 2023 Black Advance + Fuselage


AXIS Shim / Spacer Kit for Rear Wing (New)


AXIS Stainless Screwset and Toolset Box (New)


AXIS Titanium Screwset and Toolset Box (New)


AXIS 2024 Carbon TRAY v4 Foilboard


Axis SKINNY 2023 Carbon Rear hydrofoil wing


Axis PNG 910B Carbon Hydrofoil Front Wing


Axis 2022 Waist Coil leash 8' for SUP / Surf Foiling


Axis hydrofoils for SUP foiling, surf foiling, kite foiling, wake foiling, wind foiling, wing foiling, pump foiling and downwind foiling.

We ship Axis foiling products all over Australia, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Perth.

Fresh stock of Axis ART 1099 foil wings in stock now.