Kite Surfing / Kiteboarding Harnesses

                Ozone Connect V3 seat harness


                Dakine 2023 Fusion Seat Harness


                2023 Dakine SOLO WING HARNESS


                Mystic 2024 Majestic Waist Harness Ydwer


                Mystic 2023 Majestic Waist Harness


                Mystic Warrior 2023 Waist Harness


                Mystic Legend Harness


                Mystic 2023 Stealth Waist Harness


                Ozone Kitesurf Waist Harness Connect Sliding V3 Water


                Ozone Kitesurf Waist Harness Connect V3 Water


                Mystic 2023 Gem BK Women Waist Harness


                Mystic Aviator 2022 Seat Harness


                Mystic Dazzled 2022 Waist Harness Women


                Ride Engine Slash V1 2023 Shorts Seat harness


                Ride Engine 2023 Contour V2 Seat harness


                Ride Engine 2023 Vinaka PRO Wingsurf V1 harness


                Welcome to Kite Power's exclusive collection of harnesses, where comfort meets technology in every piece. Discover an extensive range of harnesses, including the waist harness and seat harness. Our harnesses, featuring top brands like Mystic and Ion, ensure the perfect balance between freedom of movement and back support. Each harness is a masterpiece of design, combining strength and function with innovative features like the Elite Carbon V8 spreader bar and ergonomic leg straps.

                Looking for the best in kitesurfing accessories? Kite Power offers everything from harnesses to spreader bars, bags, and more. Our items, including the coveted Ride Engine and V1 harnesses, are designed for all levels, from freeride enthusiasts to those seeking maximum support and comfort. With a focus on quality materials and shape, our products provide unparalleled back support, enhancing your experience on the water.

                Check out our latest products and sale items, all available at competitive prices. Kite Power is your one-stop shop for the best kitesurfing harnesses and accessories in stock. Add your favorites to your cart and experience the ultimate in kitesurfing technology and design.

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