Slingshot Ghost V1
Slingshot Ghost V1 front view
Slingshot Ghost V1 top view
Slingshot Ghost V1 side view
Slingshot Ghost V1 location shot 1
Slingshot Ghost V1 location shot 2
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Slingshot Ghost V1



    Looking for a lightweight ultra-simple kite to take your riding to the next level, the Ghost is your friendly companion? Featuring super lightweight construction, one strut design, and segmented swept wingtips covering both low-and high-end wind, giving it a niche in the market.

    Introducing the Ghost V1 an all-NEW paranormal shape from Tony Logosz, . Designed from the ground up to be light, simple, and insanely fun to fly, the Ghost is one of the most exciting new kites in our range. It’s an out of this world all around kite that has just one strut for incredible handling and steering precision for beginners, experts, and foilers alike. If you are looking for a lightweight ultra-simple kite to take your riding, foiling, or kite tricks to the next level, the Ghost is your friendly companion. The first size run for the Ghost will span from 2.5 all the way to a 17. It’s Compact Swept C shape design and segmented swept wingtip make water relaunch immediate and its wind range large.

    NEW Single Strut Platform - Lightweight & agile in the sky / Small and packable on the beach
    NEW Compact Swept C shape - provides the precision of a C kite with the instant on/off power delivery of a swept wingtip shape
    NEW 4x4 Canopy Tech - The stiffest canopy material on the market reduces flutter and increases durability

    Package Includes:
    Ghost V1 Kite, kite patch kit, NEW Kite Backpack, Quick Start Guide