Mystic Safety Knife with Pocket 2.0
Mystic Safety Knife with Pocket 2.0
Mystic Safety Knife with Pocket 2.0
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Mystic Safety Knife with Pocket 2.0


    The 2020 Mystic Safety Knife is for cutting through kite lines or webbing in an emergency. The knife has 2 aluminium opposite blades for instant and easy cutting and a webbing handle for easy grip and use.

    The safety knife is for emergency situations when you need to untangle yourself from lines. The knife can go straight into the built-in pouch of your spreader bar or harness with no need for an extra pouch. The pouch can be attached to the webbing straps on the harness and holds the knife in place. Then it is right there for easy use and in reach when needed. Everyone riding in waves or deeper water should have one of these. Old hook knives can dull or rust over time, especially in the salt water, so check your knife once in a while and replace when necessary.

    Safety Features

    • Velcro mount for any harness
    • Stainless steel knife blades
    • Sheath for easy harness attachment