Axis PNG 910B Carbon Hydrofoil Front Wing
Axis PNG 910B Carbon Hydrofoil Front Wing
Axis PNG 910B Carbon Hydrofoil Front Wing
Axis PNG 910B Carbon Hydrofoil Front Wing
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Axis PNG 910B Carbon Hydrofoil Front Wing


    Axis PNG 910B Front Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

    The 910 PNG has been one of the most popular wings on the red fuselage. So we wanted to add it to the black fuselage platform, so customers who are riding the black fuse compatible wings, can also have the option of the 910. Moving the 910 to the black fuselage was smooth, making the design even smoother and the wing lines are flawless.
    Customers love the 910B PNG as they are progressing on their winging journey, put their lighter riders or kids winging, get to SUP foiling in medium to smaller waves, riding the 910B behind the boat or even kite foiling sub 10kts winds.

    While we were designing the new 910B, we got so excited we felt to add an even smaller version of it the 850 PNG for even faster riding and tighter turns.

    The Pump and Glide wings are designed to be easy and early to lift for their size. The have tons of control, and feel comfortable for most levels of riding. Our Glide wings pump unreal, and glide effortlessly and endlessly. And they are fast wings, but their focus is not to be the fastest wing on the market. But instead, to be the easiest high aspect wing that almost everyone can ride, and can improve their level of riding right away.

    The AXIS PNG 910B wing will immediate feel familiar and super easy to ride. But don't get fooled. This wing can be pushed hard, pump for ever, and turn on a dime with tons of speed. The turns are neutral and very well balanced.

    When surfed, this wing will quickly become your go to setup for most conditions. And when the winds pick up, Wing Surfing with the 910 is loose and fast, while it still foils pretty early.

    The AXIS 910B carbon wing can be ridden with the tip off the water, and you won't even notice it. Incredibly smooth and well behaved.

    As with every AXIS front wing, the graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.


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