Our Season September-April

The Sydney Kitesurfing Season runs from September until April with peak season being december and january. This is when we run our lesson centre and demo days. Our typical summer wind is a Seabreeze from the North-East of 15-20Knts reaching up to 25Knts during the middle of summer. These breezes tend to be characterised by hot days and blue skies and are our preferred winds to kitesurf in.  During the summer months we also experience regular Southerly fronts which tend to be colder and more gusty ranging from 20-30Knts. 

The Off-Season April-August

The off season starts in Sydney around the end of april and runs through until the end of august. During this time we typically get fewer windy days during the week with winds tending to come off the land or from southerly fronts. The typical land breeze comes from the West or North-West and can be quite gusty and shift directions. For this reason we do not operate our lesson centre. For experienced kitesurfers riding in these conditions can be rewarding at times but the inconsistency makes learning impossible. 


Kitesurfing locations in NSW

Below is a rough guide to some of the kitesurfing locations in NSW, and more importantly where not to kite!  As any experienced kiteboarder will tell you accidents can happen no matter how experienced you are. Part of being a responsible kiteboarder is choosing appropriate conditions and locations in which to sail.

A quick guide:

  • Spots marked green are very safe, suitable for beginners and people not yet confident in the sport of kitesurfing.
  • Spots marked yellow may have some hazards, and may require more experience and skill to safely kiteboard in. Intermediate to Advanced riders should always use caution when kiting for the first time in a new location
  • Spots marked purple are for advanced riders only! Caution recommended whenever kitesurfing in these locations. Take suitable precautions when kiteboarding here.
  • Areas marked red are kiting prohibited areas. Kitesurfing has been made illegal by the Roads and Maritime services. Water police have to power to confiscate your gear if you are caught kitesurfing here! Not recommended under any circumstances. 

Weather Forecasts

Everyone has their own method of predicting weather. It may be measuring cloud cover and change in temperature to predict a seabreeze, it may be logging onto Seabreeze.com.au and looking at the graph. Whether you're a windguru or like to look at windguru here are a few tools to check whether the weather will be kiteable.


Sydney Closed Waters

Sydney observations