Ozone Edge V9

by Steve McCormack on December 14, 2017

Ozone Edge V9 = Faaaaast

Check out this video of Sebastien Cattelan

Friends in a powerful car try to keep up with him when he is practicing speed runs on an Ozone Edge V9 7m at the Lederitz Speed challenge in Namibia.


Not only is the Ozone Edge V9 fast, the designer Rob Whittall, has incorporated a more freeride character back into the kite. The Edge V9 now turns a lot tighter, as you can see from the loop Sebastien does to slow down at the end of his run.

This ability to turn and fly fast make the Edge V9 one of the most exciting kite to boost with, - ever!

Check out this video of Eddy Lansik from the Netherlands boosting huge in 45-50 knots https://youtu.be/kNvFKRnDqgo

Wind range has increased too, especially the bottom end that you can achieve because the kite turns so nicely and retains good power in the turns, you can get going in lighter winds than ever before. Small sizes are ideal for hydrofoiling.

Check out the range at http://www.kitepower.com.au/