Hydrofoil world championships 2017

by Steve McCormack on December 14, 2017

Hydrofoil world championships 2017



There were 2 separate titles being contested in 2017, with Nico Parlier and Daniela Moroz, both Ozone Kites team riders, taking out both and being crowned dual world champions.


Nico Parlier comes from a family of fast and totally addicted sailors, and Daniella also has a family heritage of sailing in San Francisco. Nico’s catch call in the video of “Catch me if you can” says it all, he has the most amazing focus, strength and smooth technique, rarely making a mistake and that’s all that it takes to lose a race, a simple slip of concentration or a light touch down and loss of speed, and the competitor on you tail will pass you, then if they do not make a mistake its almost impossible to pass them again. The racing at the top end is very close and super exciting to watch. Scoring in all sailing racing is very simple, lowest score wins, so the aggregate score over 4 days of racing means the person with the most wins of highest places in each race is the winner.


The last leg of the Hyrofoil Pro Tour was held in Sydney and I attended as a representative of Ozone Kites Australia, and also as a sponsor and volunteer driving my own rescue boat. We were kept busy in the light and at times very challenging conditions for the riders.


The course was set out in the middle of Botany Bay with the finish and start approx, 400m off Lady Robinson Beach Margate on the western edge of the bay, the top mark was a nautical mile straight upwind. The hydrofoils do 2 laps per race and were completing the races in around 10 mins, clocking speeds of up to 34 knots in wind ranging from 8-15 knots. Kite hydrofoil racing is the most technical form of individual sailing, and is the fastest low cost form of sailing in the world.

Riders in the Hydrofoil Pro tour which is an “open” or unlimited class can use any type of hydrofoil/board and kite combination.

The parallel tour which is named Formula Kite World Championships is as the name suggests restricted. All kites and board must be registered with the IKA and must conform to very exact specs and measurements.