Where is your leash?

by Steve McCormack on December 14, 2017

Is it attached to the back of your harness? Do you realise what will happen if you crash your kite and it goes into death loops for some reason (like a broken flying line)?

You will be dragged at speed, backwards and underwater! Do you think you could reach around to your back and operate the leash quick release? Probably not, which means you will have an extended kitemare and could drown.


If you are like 90% of kiters, you never unhook, so, (A) you actually don’t need a hook on your harness (something for another blog post), and (B), you should be using a short leash attached to the front of your harness.

If you need anymore evidence to convince you to put your leash on the front of your harness watch this video.

Many brands of kites no longer supply long leashes with their kites. Long leashes are only useful for riders that are doing unhooked tricks or surfing waves unhooked – 90% or kiters will never do this.

If you have a long leash and never unhook, get rid of it, they can tangle in your bar and around your legs or arms in a simple crash and begin a kitemare.

Short leashes sit right in front of you beside your primary release on your chicken loop, so you will always know where it is and will always be able to reach it in the water