MASSIVE Cabrinha Sale

by Elliot Drury on May 27, 2016

Now is your chance to get yourself onto what is widely considered the most premium kiteboarding brand in the world (or stay on it for cheaper if you’re already riding them)! Cabrinha 2016 kites are now on sale for a minimum of 20% off.


Switchblade - Your ultimate performance allrounder. This model has been running for 11 years and it’s probably the most versatile kite in the world. Jump huge, feel the power, and have the ability to do any riding style.


FX - If you want to do high performance freestyle, wave riding, and looping - this is your kite. So fast and responsive, you’ll be absolutely blown away.


Radar - Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned vet, the 2016 Radar is a massive improvement on the already great first version. It jumps high, rides waves, and will have you progressing each time you ride it.


Drifter - Does the Drifter need an introduction? One of the first ever true wave kite designs. Refined, predictable, and wave-ripping, drifting performance on tap. This kite is the choice of world champions and has the most wins under it’s belt of any wave kite ever.


Chaos - This C kite just helped Liam Whaley win the world championship. Pop and slack. Need we say more?


Contra - Light wind GLORY. This is a shop favourite for light wind wakestyle, freeride, and wave riding. Your quiver is not complete without one.