Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite
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Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite


    With the B2 you get:

    • An affordable, durable, safe and fun piece of equipment useful for years to come 
    • Save time and money by developing your kite skills safely, on your own, before paying for a lesson
    • Develop an understanding of the wind and how a kite behaves in it 
    • Develop strength, muscle memory and coordination crucial to kiteboarding 
    • A great tool for skate-kiting 
    • Less power, less pull, and less low-end grunt than the B3 
    • A kite you can use in a variety of terrain and conditions; no water necessary 
    • A fun and safe activity to share with family and friends

    The B2 is a smaller less powerful version than Slingshot’s larger B3 trainer kite. For beginners, all-around family use and use in varying winds, we recommend starting with a B2 first, then graduating to the larger B3.

    The B2 comes complete with trainer kite, bridles, spectra flying line,  comfortable EVA grip control bar with built in line winders, carrying bag and safety wrist leash and bungee attachment. 

    Optional is a 3rd line ready relaunch system.