Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
Prism Synthesis
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Prism Synthesis


    Prism Synthesis


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    Great things take time, but our latest creation was worth the wait. The special edition Synthesis SE made quite a splash last season but there were only 30 pilots lucky enough to get one. We've been hard at work in the design studio since then, refining all the things we loved about the bespoke SE to make a production version that's as spectacular to look at as it is to fly.

    From a radical new wing shape concept to a crash-resistant floating CT, new molded APA fittings, and a new way to precisely adjust your bridle, the Synthesis let us play with design features we've been developing in the background for years. There's a lot more to sport kite design than meets the eye, and we went way down the rabbit hole refining the tiniest details to produce a kite that we're proud to add to to our long history of innovative and beautiful sport kites.

    The innovative faceted leading edge shape with a 6 degree bend at the ferrules gives it extra drive and precision in the air. On the ground the straight leading edge sections can flex farther than a pre-bent cambered wing, so you can flex them farther without breakage.

    The sail is carefully laid up by hand from ultralight 1/2 oz ripstop polyester, low stretch Mylar laminate, and aerospace-tough reinforcement materials. It's framed in Dynamic DT15 wrapped, tapered carbon spreaders and 6mm pultruded carbon tubes with internal reinforcements at all stress points. The tapered carbon spreaders put stiffness in the middle of the kite where you want it for performance and minimize weight towards the wingtips for quick response. The 6mm pultruded carbon tubes outperform wrapped tubes in a mishap and are more affordable to replace if you ever crash hard enough to break one.


    • Faceted leading edge with 6 degree ferrule bend combines the advantages of both high and low aspect ratio wings to add lift and precision
    • More durable because the leading edge rods are kept straight, not pre-bent like traditional cambered wings
    • Floating center-t provides flexible spine connection to absorb shock and reduce spine breakage
    • Adjustable bridle inhauls at center-t lets you fine tune turn radius and control response
    • New APA leading edge connector fittings reduce weight, make assembly easier, and capture the bridle legs so fittings can't get lost in the grass.
    • Adjustable standoffs allow precise control over wing twist to add or reduce lift when the wind changes
    • Low-stretch Mylar laminate leading edge panels control the wing's airfoil profile to make stalls easier to initiate and hold.
    • Lightweight 1/2 oz ripstop polyester sailcloth minimizes weight and won't stretch and absorb moisture on humid days
    • Dynamic DT15 wrapped, tapered carbon lower spreaders put stiffness in the middle of the kite where you want it for performance and minimize weight towards the wingtips for quick response
    • 6mm pultruded carbon leading edges and spine are tougher than wrapped tubes in a mishap and more affordable to replace if you ever need to
    • Vectran reinforced nose won't punch or wear through from abrasion
    • Lightweight full length sleeve won't add bulk in your kite bag, snaps to half length, and includes a pocket for the upper spreader so it doesn't get lost.


    • Wingspan 83 in / 211 cm
    • Skill Level Intermediate to Expert
    • Height 47.5 in / 120.6 cm
    • Weight 11.3 oz / 322 grams
    • Sail Area 10.1 sq ft. / .94 sq m.
    • Aspect Ratio 4.74
    • Sail Loading 1.2 oz/sq. ft. / 342 grams/sq. m.
    • Wind Range 4-18 mph / 6.5-29 kph
    • Frame Dynamic DT15 wrapped tapered lower spreaders, 6mm pultruded carbon leading edges and spine, 5.3 mm carbon upper spreader, 3 mm carbon standoffs
    • Sail Materials: 0.75 mil mylar laminate, .5 oz ripstop polyester
    • Bridle Stitched 1.3 mm Dyneema core with polyester overbraid


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    With so many high aspect trick kites on the market that sacrifice stability and tracking in order to acheive maximum trickability, we’ve been missing the feel of silky smooth, razor-accurate precision in our flying.

    The Synthesis’s moderate nose angle with aft-swept wingtips gives you that feel. You can carve up the sky with locked-in corners and throw in some graceful tricks when you’re in the mood. It’s not a yo-yo machine you'll be able to roll up 5 times with the tug of a line, but it loves to float through beautiful flat axels, endless fades, backspins, and effortless stalls whenever you feel the urge. It’s fingertip accuracy makes you look good the first time you pick it up and it’ll even dead launch on a smooth surface (for those of you who remember what that is). The Synthesis feels as good in flight as it looks.

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