Peter Lynn Cross Over Bar
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Peter Lynn Cross Over Bar


    Peter Lynn Cross Over Bar

    The Cross over bar is built for riders looking for more control while riding their fixed bridle foil. It is designed to give the pilot an extra edge where it comes to controlling the kite in terms of power and steering.
    The Cross over bar brings the feel of a depower kite to fixed bridle by enabling the rider to change the angle of attack of the kite in flight, thereby making it possible to regulate the power the kite produces.
    The system is fitted with Ronstan Shock blocks on the brake lines and a Ronstan Orbit 20 Pulley on the front line connection. Furthermore the bar is equipped with the same push away safety as found on the Navigator and Magnet depower bars.

    The bar offers two primary safety systems. The first is the release above the bar, when activated the kite falls back on the brakelines and will land without power with the pilot still connected to the kite. The second is the chickenloop with push away safety, this completely releases the kite in case of emergency.

    • Ronstan Orbit 20 Pulley
    • Ronstan Shock Block
    • Free spinning chickenloop with push away safety
    • Samson Dyneema leader lines
    • Self landing handle
    • Two safety releases