North 2024 Navigator PRO Control System Bar
North 2024 Navigator PRO Control System Bar
North 2024 Navigator PRO Control System Bar
North 2024 Navigator PRO Control System Bar
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North 2024 Navigator PRO Control System Bar


    North Navigator PRO Control System 2024 Bar
    Navigator bar with Pro performance: lighter, pro line setup (10+12) and auto-swivel
    The Navigator PRO Control System 2024 Bar boasts an array of safety features to keep you secure on the water. With a tighter loop and stiffer security finger, the risk of accidental unhooking is drastically reduced. The single-action-reload Quick Release requires more force to release, ensuring peace of mind in high-stakes situations. ISO 21853 compliance guarantees top-tier safety standards.

    Equipped with a revolutionary Auto-Untwist Mechanism it was never more comfortable untwisting the bar after loops or rotations. The mechanism comes with Zirconia ceramic bearing so it operates smoothly and reliably, eliminating frustrating tangles. Zirconia ceramic offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in any conditions.

    The Navigator PRO is 20% lighter and 20% stronger thanks to its new engineered truss structure. A seamless integration of an injection-molded stainless steel center provides unparalleled strength and durability. The micro-textured dual compound grip offers maximum traction and comfort, allowing you to stay in control even during the most intense sessions.

    North is using the highest-quality lines, the Liros Dyneema SK99. The Navigator PRO's lines are made in Germany to the highest standards. Thinner back lines (⌀ 1.55mm Front Lines, ⌀1.33mm Rear Lines) reduce drag in stronger wind conditions. While different line thicknesses ensure even shrinkage between front and rear lines. Spare parts are available in various lengths to suit your needs.

    With the innovative Modular Toolless Interloop System, you can quickly switch between different chicken loops. That makes it easy to switch between disciplines without hassle. Whether you're into freeride, freestyle, or surfing, the Navigator PRO has you covered.

    The North Navigator PRO Control System 2024 Bar is the ultimate choice for kiteboarders who demand the best. Elevate your riding experience and conquer the waves with confidence. Gear up with the Navigator PRO and unlock your full potential on the water.


    • Enhanced Safety Features for Maximum Security
    • Revolutionary Auto-Untwist Mechanism with Zirconia Ceramic Bearing
    • 20% Lighter and 20% Stronger Engineered Truss Structure
    • Micro-Textured Dual Compound Grip for Maximum Traction and Comfort
    • Highest-Quality Liros Dyneema SK99 Pro Lines
    • 12+10m Pro Lines
    • ⌀ 1.55mm Front Lines, ⌀1.33mm Rear Lines
    • Modular Toolless Interloop System for Quick Discipline Switching
    • Size: M 45-50cm | L 50-55cm
    • ISO 21853 certified

    Control Bar, Quick Release with Security Finger, 12+10m Pro Lines (Ø1.55mm Front Lines, Ø1.33mm Rear Lines), Pro Freeride Loop, Standard Leash (Pro)