North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only
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North 2024 Orbit Pro Kite Only


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    North Orbit with PRO performance for big air and kiteloops

    The North Orbit PRO makes big air pro performance accessible to every kite surfer. Thanks to a lightweight N-MAX airframe and optimized weightsaving design, the Orbit PRO easily gives you more height and confidence in your kiteloops. Don't wait any longer and unlock pro performance with the North Orbit PRO 2024 kite!

    • PRO performance | BigAir | Kite loops
    • Stable 5 strut design
    • New N-Max Airframe
    • More direct steering, faster catch
    • Unlock PRO performance

    The North Orbit PRO 2024 kite is the long-awaited super high performance version of the standard Orbit. The basis of the Orbit Pro is proven, stable, 5 strut design of the standard Orbit. In the PRO version, the Orbit design has been upgraded with a lighter frame, optimized tip tune options and weight savings where possible. The result is a lighter and even faster North Orbit PRO kite for the most demanding kitesurfers in the field of big air and kiteloops. The Orbit PRO is already Cohan van Dijk's weapon of choice. Double loops, kiteloop board-off and contra loops are no problem for this big air machine; the North Orbit PRO is ready to boost your big air game to PRO level!

    The biggest upgrade of the Orbit PRO compared to the normal Orbit is the new N-Max Air Frame. This frame consists of the leading edge and struts. Because the leading edge and struts of the North Orbit Pro are made of N-Max construction, this part of the Orbit Pro kite is 13% lighter, 5x more tear-resistant and 21% stiffer than normal 156gsm dacron. This has given the Orbit PRO a mega performance boost. The lighter and stiffer frame ensures that the North Orbit PRO has a more direct steering input. Due to the lighter weight of the Orbit PRO in combination with the more reactive characterstics and special PRO bridle design of this kite, kiteloops are a piece of cake. The Orbit PRO kiteloops so fast that it will always catch you. You will feel the biggest difference in the loop compared to the standard Orbit in the second half of your kite loop, the way up or the so called 'catch'. The 'catch' of this Orbit PRO is incredibly fast. This allows you to do your loops even lower, or go for the double loop. Also this is a huge confidence boost for the novice kitelooper. It won't be long before you want to combine your highest jump with a hugde kite loop with the Orbit PRO!

    A slightly less visible upgrade is the 'overall-weight saving'. Where possible, North has reduced the weight of the Orbit PRO. This includes the lighter bladder, minimized HyperFlow hardware and only the most essential tip-tune options for big air. The North Orbit PRO comes with 2 meter extension lines. This allows you to ride the North Navigator bar on 24 meter lines. The longer your lines, the higher you jump. Your first kite loops will also be easier on 24 meter lines than 22 meters. If you want more extreme kite loops, you should continue to ride the Orbit Pro at 22 meters.
    The bar pressure of the North Orbit PRO is comparable to that of the standard Orbit, relatively light. The advantage of this is that you can easily do kiteloops with not too much pull and you keep one hand free for boardoffs.

    In short, you can really see the North Orbit PRO as the 'turbo version' of the normal Orbit. Do you want to pull mega loops on extreme hight? Do you want to go for that double loop? Or do you simply want the best gear for big air? Then go for the North Orbit PRO with world-class performance.


    • PRO performance | BigAir | Kite loops
    • Stable 5 strut design
    • New lightweight N-MAX Airframe
    • Optimized lightweight design
    • Only available in big air sizes
    • Segmented Curved Arc
    • Fast steering behavior
    • Light bar pressure
    • Fast relaunch

    Competition Big Air

    Engineered lighter Its efficient, weight-saving design features lighter N-Max Dacron, stripped back scuff guards, the lightest bladders, reduced HyperFlow hardware, and steering impulse attachment points.

    Podium Proven The Orbit Pro lets you exploit increased pressure systems at altitude for greater power and delivers the hangtime you need to win the heat.

    Performance Driven At North, we know committing to overpowered airs and megaloops in gusty conditions demands unwavering trust in your kite. The Orbit Pro guarantees Incredible top-end control and performance you can rely on.

    Key Performance improvements:

    • N-Max Airframe 13% lighter
    • Competition Ready core sizes 6-11m for overpowered conditions
    • Responsive Bridling for faster control
    • Pro Points light and direct steering impulse options
    • Extreme Altitude 2m line extensions included for greater height
    • Refined weight-saving construction


    • Lighter N-Max Dacron Airframe
    • N-HTRS High Tenacity Ripstop Canopy
    • DuraLite Micro Seam Protectors
    • AirLite Lightweight Bladders
    • Highest Quality No-Pulley Bridle Lines

    Package includes: Kite, bag, repair kit.

    Size: 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 m

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