North 2021 Sonar front wing

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Sonar 850 - The Sonar 850 is your ultimate freeride kite foiling wing

We have one 850 left that was on display, has some marks.

The perfect foil you will never outgrow. Amazing top end and bottom end speed, yet playful and forgiving, the Sonar 850 is your ultimate freeride wing. Smooth control at both ends of the speed spectrum and an exceptionally low stalling speed allow you to master new manoeuvres quickly.

Maximum freeride performance - Carries the lift through all manouevres and lets you step up your foil game with ease.
Anhedral wing profile - With swept back outline allows for a more agile flight mode and roll stability during maneuvres.
Optimised low drag to lift ratio - Foil section allows for thrilling top end speeds combined with unbelievable low stall speed.

Sonar 850, Foil Screw Pack D

Sonar 1150
Loose and carvy feeling with an early takeoff so you are up and riding sooner. Freeride or wakefoil with confidence on this stable foil with easy progression.


  • Effortless performance - And speed in the bottom end of wind range.
  • Progressive - Great entry level wing for riders over 85kg.
  • Crossover to Surf/SUP - Lighter riders can also foil surf or SUP foil this wing when paired with 70cm mast.
  • Low stall speed

Sonar 1150, Foil Screw Pack F

Sonar 1650
The ultimate in soaring comfort and performance, the lightweight carbon sandwich Sonar 1650 delivers a stable platform for surf foiling, with real crossover between Kite Foil, Foil Surf and SUP Foil for all rider weights. With an extremely low profile for an incredibly efficient lift to drag ratio, effortless transitions between toe-side and heel-side, and an unbelievably low stall speed.


  • Rounded outline with optimised profile - Creates a stable, forgiving platform.
  • Effortless transitions - Between toe-side and heel-side.
  • Extremely low profile - For an incredibly efficient lift to drag ratio.
  • Unbelievably low stall speed

Sonar 1650, Foil Screw Pack E



This is the way a kiteboarding shop should be. Staff are super friendly. They take the time to understand your requirements, provide advice and never put any pressure on you to buy anything. There's a huge range of stock and I've been able to demo a great range of kites and boards over the years.
After sales service is the best. Recently I had an issue with a kite I'd bought there which was well out of warranty and they didn't hesitate to inspect, diagnose and repair the issue for me and get me back on the water.

David O'Brien
Sydney, NSW

You can’t go wrong buying your kites, boards, foils, and all your gear from Kitepower - and I’ll tell you why. The culture of the business mirrors the passion and dedication of the company’s founder, Steve McCormack. And culture matters. When you purchase from Kitepower you’re purchasing from a team of kiting enthusiasts and experts who will look after you. You’ll be purchasing from a family owned business that will do the right thing and put your safety and comfort first. I fully understand that you might not have an opportunity to meet Steve. And maybe if you're purchasing online you won't step foot inside their Sydney location. But I can tell you that Steve’s dedication to kiters and to the sport of kiting is imprinted into the DNA of Kitepower and the team.

Jack Born
Byron Bay, NSW

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