Mystic Guard Mid + Front Deckpad
Mystic Guard Mid + Front Deckpad
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Mystic Guard Mid + Front Deckpad



    The Guard series of surfboard deck pads by Mystic (formerly WFMG) has a more open 3D surface.

    Don't like wax and all the hassles that go with it, especially the fact that wax is a marine pollutant, but also because it just gets all over everything you own, gets slippery while using it, melts in the sun, etc, etc. Free yourself from all that and fit a Mystic deck pad. WMFG is the former brand name for this pad before Mystic purchased the company.


    • Shaved edges
    • 6 separate sections
    • Foostrap insert holes
    • Sizes: One size
    • Formerly WFMG 

    Board must be completely cleaned of any wax residue. If its a new board please still clean the area with alcohol or "wax and grease" remover. DO NOT pour boiling water on a previously waxed board, the thermal shock can severely damage your board and does not get all the wax off anyway. Scrape the old wax off as much as possible with a plastic wax or paint scraper. Clean with alcohol or wax and grease remover and then lightly sand a used board with 400-600 grit wet and dry sandpaper until you are sure all wax is removed, dry thoroughly and then apply the pads.

    This video by Dan who sold WFMG to Mystic, explains the best way to fit stick on pads.