Hydrofoil Wingscrews
Hydrofoil Wingscrews
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Hydrofoil Wingscrews


     Most hydrofoils currently use either M6 M7 or M8 screws to attach the mast to the board, these are 6mm, 7mm and 8mm in diameter respectively.  Armstrong's new Performance series masts use M7 screws.  Then, there are two types of screws in each of these sizes...flat head (countersunk) or button head.  To measure the length of a flat head countersunk screw, measure the complete length, including the head.  For a button head screw, measure the length from under the head only.  It is recommended that you measure the screws you are currently using prior to ordering.  There really are no "standard" length screws because there are so many variations in equipment.  Our wingscrews are designated as the size of screw they are designed to replace.  The picture shown on the product page is the actual item listed.  If you are unsure about what to order, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

    Why don't my wingscrews align with the centerline of my mast, i.e. in line with the water flow?
    Our wingscrews are really just like any type of ordinary screw...the position in which they end up when tightened is completely random. Please do not use any tools to tighten your wingscrews! This may damage them and this type of damage is not covered under warranty. It is likely possible to improve the wingscrew alignment by swapping them amongst the 4 positions on the mast and/or swapping them over to different t-nuts, however, perfect alignment on all 4 screws is highly unlikely. Our product testers and some of our first customers say they haven't noticed any increase in drag while paddling. Once off the water, drag created by the wingscrews shouldn't be an issue for most.

    These wingscrews are made from aluminum and stainless steel.  The wingnut portion is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum.  The screw is stainless steel, usually either 18-8 or 316 alloy.  The two parts are bonded together with a high strength retaining compound so they function as a single unit.