Foil Drive Three Blade Propeller Hub Set
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Foil Drive Three Blade Propeller Hub Set

    Foil Drive Three Blade Propeller Hub Set

    Looking for just a little more torque to get out of the water easier?

    Designed to increase low end thrust, the Three Blade Propeller Hub is an optional upgrade for Foil Drive Assist PLUS units, a game changer for riders pushing the limits of rider weight, board size and foil size.

    When compared to the standard Two Blade Propeller system, the NEW Three Blade Propeller system improves performance by:

    Increased low end thrust. The extra blade helps push more water
    More torque at lower RPM, avoiding propeller cavitation under high load
    More effective surface driving when the props breach the surface
    A smoother, quieter ride due to lower RPM
    It is specifically designed for riders who require more low end torque, whether this is due to using a low volume board, a smaller or higher aspect foil than normal, or being a heavier rider.

    Foil Drive do not recommend using the Three Blade Propeller Hub for prolonged efoiling at full throttle as this will drain your battery much quicker, and could cause the electronics to go into thermal overload protection. The three blade propellers will draw more watts / power that the two blade prop that can " unload " at full throttle when on foil. Do NOT use three blade prop above 90% throttle continuously when efoiling. You must let the ESC in the box cool in the water from time to time.

    Included with Three Blade Propeller Hubs is a range of hardware, with two options of bolts, Standard Propeller Bolts and new Button Top Bolts:

    3x M3 30mm 2.5mm Standard Propeller Bolts can be used, these are the same as propeller bolts used on the 2 blade hub. Alternatively, 3x M3 30mm 2mm Button Top Propeller Bolts can be used to improve hydrodynamics, a secondary tool required. As they are not in the flow of water, they do not cause formation of small bubbles that then enter the prop.

    The smaller Button Top Bolts require a 2mm Allen Key and cannot be used with your existing 2.5mm Driver that comes standard with all Foil Drive kits.


    Not compatible with Foil Drive Assist. While they do fit, these propellers require the higher RMP of the Assist PLUS in order to improve performance.
    Three Blade Propeller Hubs must be used with three propellers!