Win 2x Free CORE Kites!

by Kitepower Australia on March 19, 2017

Win a kite of your choice for you and one for your best kite buddy!

Invitation to the survey

We invite you to participate in the international CORE Kiteboarding survey. We are doing this survey because we are interested in your wishes, preferences and feedback as a kite manufacturer. The goal is to develop even better products and offers for you. So you can make an active part of how the sport evolves. The questionnaire is expected to take 20-25 minutes. 

But there is another good reason for your participation:  You can win a brand new CORE Kite of your choice and one for your best kite buddy. 

Here is the survey:

Your participation code is: 427NIX

You need the registration code to start the survey. You can also forward this e-mail to friends and acquaintances. 

The survey runs until March 23, 2017. 

Have fun and thank you for your participation! 

Your teamCORE!