25% off Surfboards sale!

by Kitepower Australia on March 17, 2017

To celebrate the end of a great kitesurfing season, we are doing a massive clearance of our surfboard stock! For a short time only get:

    • 25% Off 2017 Models
    • 30% Off 2016 Models
    • 40% Off 2015 Models
    • 50% Off 2014 Models
    • 60% Off Cabrinha Alias 2015
    • 70% Off Cabrinha Alias 2014
    • 80% Off NJS Raceboard

*does not include Firewire Surfboards

Winter can often be an inconsistent and gusty time for kitesurfing, so why not improve the range of your quiver by adding a surfboard? In this day and age there are so many boards out there from so many different brands it can get really confusing trying to find the right board for you. 
Fortunately, Head instructor and full time shredder Alessandro Allori has written up a guide to our surfboard line up to help point you in the right direction.  


The Best Entry level / All Round Board

Slingshot Angry Swallow


Ok so first up the Slingshot Angry Swallow is a very versatile board that excels in a range of conditions (knee to overhead, weak/mushy surf up to decent power). The Swallow provides good upwind ability which is one of the main features for an entry level board. This board comes thruster only and are suitable as light wind weapon or good all-round board for heavier rider.

NOTE: Don’t be fooled by the wide tail on this board, this things turn on a dime.

Choose the Angry swallow if you are a heavy rider or looking for more upwind ability and slashy feeling. This board has inserts to give you the option to ride with straps. If you've only ever ridden a twin tip, straps can be a great way to transition to riding a directional surfboard.

Down the Line top to bottom surf w/straps

 Cabrinha S-Quad

Ideally suited for down the line waves head high to double+++, in side shore or side-offshore wind conditions. The S-Quad has a performance step down rail for extra bite at high speed in powerful surf. Packing a quad fin set up the board has ultimate upwind ability and speed in water draining barrels. Your board of choice for when it’s pumping.


Light Wind/Heavy Rider

Cabrinha Secret Weapon / Squid Launcher

The name says it all, excel in light wind or daily drive for a heavier rider. Packing a compact shape and a very floaty 4 fin setup to track upwind this board charges. On a side note this board will also be perfect in flat water for freestyle tricks due the compact stubby shape and the strong construction.

The newer version (Squid Launcher) has been improved with a step down rail which offers a little extra bite, combine this with stiffer fins the new model gives improved upwind performance.



Cross-Over Kite and Surf

 Firewire EVO

Do you want to go in Indonesia and not have the hassle of taking multiple boards for both surfing and kitesurfing?  

Well the Evo is the board for you. Featuring Firewires Legendary FST Kite construction and a 5 fin set up (availble in FCSII or FUTUTRES). The Evo gives ultimate freedom either kitesurfing or surfing.The unique bottom shape gives immense lift combined with an incredibly snappy feel in turns. If you’re planning on surfing this board go for one that’s approximately 2-3L smaller than your regular shortboard volume. With no nose all of the volume in this board is effectively ‘useable’, so the 5’3 Evo at 27.4L feels approximately the same as a 30L shortboard. Firewire surfboards come without any insert holes for the addition of footstraps, so be prepared to ride this one strapless!


If this hasn't answered your questions or your up in the air about which surfboard is best for you feel free to drop by our shop and have a chat with Alex!