Go Pro Release the Hero 5!

by Elliot Drury on September 23, 2016

We were so excited by the surprise release of the new GoPro Hero 5 camera - we didn't even know it was coming until the rep actually walked in with one! It was really cool to see a bit of an update to the body of the camera. There have been great innards in the recent models, but unfortunately we haven't seen an update to the physical form of the GoPro for quite a while. 

The new model is fully waterproof to 10m and now features a 2-inch screen on the back. Although those that already used GoPros a lot could usually get the shot without seeing what the GoPro was seeing - it is certainly helpful to have the screen there. They have also eliminated the front button from the camera, further simplifying the navigation. 

Battery life has always been a bit of a sore spot with GoPros for me. I use mine a lot and it is great to see some of the features that the new model has such as Smart Battery. This means the camera will charge quickly to 80%, trickle charge the remainder, and then shut off charging once it's at 100% to keep the battery healthy. It also turns off between shots, meaning you don't waste battery sitting in standby mode between clips. The battery is now efficient enough to run a screen on the top model, which I love. 

As far as tech goes, we are not lacking anything on this new model. The Hero5 now shoots in RAW, high frame rate 4K, has image stabilisation, exposure control, GPS, and voice control. We have not seen anything like this in the past from the GoPro camp, and I think this camera is going to be absolutely massive. 

Did we mention they dropped the price? The new camera retails for only $569.

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