North Seek Air 2023 Inflatable Foilboard
North Seek Air 2023 Inflatable Foilboard
North Seek Air 2023 Inflatable Foilboard
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North Seek Air 2023 Inflatable Foilboard


    North Seek Air 2023 Inflatable Foilboard

    Forget what you think you know about inflatable boards
    It's time to attach your foil and go explore. Then decide what Seek Air means to you.

    Delivering all the lightweight convenience, portability and durability of an inflatable, with the feel and performance of a hybrid carbon board, the Seek Air is so much more than just another boat toy.

    Learn to foil, pump, wake, paddle or wing foil.

    Redefining the inflatable foilboard, the Seek Air delivers the feel and performance of its hybrid carbon counterpart with all the lightweight convenience, portability, and durability of an inflatable. Designed with forgiving performance rails and a sharp release tail for effortless take-offs and touchdown recovery, the Seek Air features our unique Carbon Sandwich Transfer (CST) base with DropBox fast foil mounting.

    The CST base is designed for the most direct and responsive connection to the foil. It is engineered with a slight curve to match the rocker of the board, for outstanding control and pumpability. Surprisingly light with a low swing weight, the smaller Seek Air have a high-performance feel, while the larger sizes are refined for on-water speed and fast, early take offs - making them ideal for learning to foil. The larger 5’9/6’2 sizes are supplied with a removable tail fin, so you can focus on winging, before adding a foil.

    Durable, impact absorbing and ding resistant, we’re confident the Seek Air will become a firm favourite (for you and the family) at home, on the boat and on holiday for many years to come. Each board features v-strap and centreline foot strap inserts integrated into the intuitive contoured deckpad, and is supplied in a travel-friendly Go Green recycled PET backpack with roller wheels, two-way inflation pump and foil mounting hardware. Maximum stiffness guaranteed (up to 15PSI Inflation Pressure). To find your ideal volume/board size, add +30-40 litres for novice rider or +10-20 litres for intermediate to your rider weight (kg).


    • Screw Pack, Seek Air Foot Strap Screw Pack (M6x16mm and M6x18mm)
    • Carbon Sandwich Transfer Base
    • Durable & Ding-Resistant
    • Smooth Touchdown Recovery
    • Fast release tail
    • Versatile Side Fins 5’9 / 6’2
    • CST-base custom-curved to board rocker
    • DropBox Fast Foil Mounting
    • Durable / impact absorbing / ding resistant
    • Forgiving performance rails
    • Sharp release tail
    • Effortless take-offs and touchdown recovery
    • Direct responsive foil connection
    • Ideal for boat foiling / winging / learning to foil
    • V-Strap and Centreline Foot strap inserts
    • 5’9 / 6’2 entry to foiling - come with fins
    • 15PSI Inflation pressure
    • Includes recycled fabric backpack with wheels
    • Includes Inflation Pump + Repair Kit + DropBox 23mm Screw Pack


    • PVC Dropstitch
    • Carbon Sandwich Transfer Base
    • EVA Deckpad

    Includes: Inflatable Board Pump, Fins, Board Bag, Repair Kit, DropBox 23mm