Peter Lynn Hype
Peter Lynn Hype
Peter Lynn Hype
Peter Lynn Hype
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Peter Lynn Hype


    Versatile portable bag of fun is how we describe 2-line power kite made for family fun.


    Time to play!

    The Hype is the perfect kite for a day out with the whole family. It is incredibly easy to set-up and suitable for all ages and skill levels. Flying the Hype does not require any prior kiting experience, as it's docile flying behaviour ensures that there are no sudden power surges when flying the kite through the wind-window.

     Easy handling

    The Hype is the perfect companion for some easy going flying fun.

    Peter Lynn has put extra effort into designing the Hype in such a way that everyone, no matter age or skill, can fly it with confidence. The Hype responds very well to even the slightest steering input giving the flier complete control all the time. Each size Hype has been designed individually, to ensure all the different sizes offer the same flight characteristics. Smaller or bigger Hype, they all provide the same fun challenge!

     Easy relaunch

    As every kite flier is likely to crash their kite sooner or later when they’re starting out

    It is important that the kite is easy to get back in the air. For this reason Peter Lynn has chosen for a rather round shape (or lower aspect ratio). This ensures that the kite easily flips back over when it is nose down, just tug one of the steering lines and off it goes again.

     Super stable

    Another important feature in any beginner kite is stability.

    Good stability ensures that the kite does not collapse or ‘luff’ when you fly it through the wind window or when the winds are less stable . A good stable kite is also far less likely to catch you off guard when you happen to get distracted. (still, one should always keep an eye on the kite, there is no auto pilot to correct).

    Constant power

    While the Hype is a very friendly kite, it does have some power, especially in higher winds.

    Peter Lynn has extensively tested the popular Hype design to make it fly as smooth as possible. When you fly the Hype through the wind window, there are no sudden power build-ups. This makes the kite very comfortable and predictable to fly. This smooth and docile flying behaviour makes it the perfect kite for the whole family.

    "Please note - Warranty covers faulty workmanship and materials for 12 months. Warranty does not cover damage caused by impacts with the ground, rocks, trees, etc. Warranty does not cover damage caused by flying kites in strong winds and then having high speed unplanned landings. There is no kite that would be enjoyable to fly which can be built to be crash proof and unable to be damaged by crashing."