AXIS 19mm - Aluminium Foil Mast
AXIS 19mm - Aluminium Foil Mast
AXIS 19mm - Aluminium Foil Mast
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AXIS 19mm - Aluminium Foil Mast


    Designed for our entire foil line, the AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions. AXIS Aluminium masts give our foilers a very direct feeling to their foil which is critical for foiling. We even sourced our own high quality aluminum and bought tons of it, to ensure we only have the highest quality raw materials for our foils.

    Axis masts are 224% stiffer than the 15mm thick masts (most other foils on the market). It's even stiffer than any other carbon mast on the market today. This gives you more control and fast input from your feet to the front wing.

    The 45cm and 60cm foil mast are ideal for your first flights, while you are learning how to start to foil. Most riders spend only a few hours or less on the shortest foil mast we make (45cm) before they graduate to the longer foil masts.

    The 86, 90, or 105cm all great lengths for winging.
    While the 68, 75, 82cm are ideal for SUP foil and prone. Depending on the depth of your local spots.
    Most people sup foil on the 68, 75 or 82cm (depending on the tides), and wing on the 90cm alloy or 96cm carbon. The new size added in January 2021 of 82cm is proving extremely popular now too for towing, winging and prone.

    Released in January 2021 was an 82cm x 19mm mast, this is due to demand from advanced foilers, towing, SUP Wing and Prone.

    Most common sizes for kite foiling is 90 and 105cm

    Axis also offer a 16mm mast option for lighter riders, or prone and kite foilers using smaller wings. The 16mm mast is 1.67 times stiffer than most 15mm masts on the market.

    Axis Aluminium Masts work in conjunction with the AXIS base plate, for connection to the board, and our ‘Doodad’ for connection to the fuselage. Often overlooked, the Doodad is our secret weapon that provides industry leading rigidity between mast, fuselage and foil. Compared with other brands you’ll feel the difference immediately! Both the Black and Red fuselages can be fitted to all our aluminum masts.


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