Ozone Torque Review

by Peace McCormack on December 10, 2018

Last week I got the chance to try the new Ozone Torque in the 136cm size. The torque is reasonably stiff and can be ridden with either footstraps or boots in the bigger sizes, the demo board I got was set up with straps. This is the second board that Ozone has brought out since it started producing boards at the start of this year.

What’s it like? This board is quick, shoots upwind with plenty of drive and gives great pop. Getting on the board reminded me of the Axis limited/Vanguard in a lot of ways. The footstraps are a dual Velcro set up which works well enough and the board stayed on my feet. It will be interesting to see if ozone brings out a premium strap with ratchets in the near future.

Who’s it for? This board works well for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for a board with plenty of pop that rides on edge well and drives upwind. It would also suit aspirational beginners who are concerned they might out grow a pure beginner board like a Crazyfly All-round or Cabrinha Spectrum.

Who’s it not for? Pure freeriders will find this one a bit stiff for everyday riding, especially in choppy conditions. The Torque probably has the minimum rocker line required to ride a board with boots but would only suit a competition freestyle setup. The square out-line produces solid pop but would be a bit harsh on the knees in really choppy conditions.

My final thoughts? I think this board is a solid contender and a good addition to the Ozone board line up. Even as a first generation board it merits consideration amongst the industry leaders like the Axis Vanguard, Crazyfly Raptor Pro, Shinn Ronsan and Crazyfly Ace. If a 140cm Torque ever comes my way I’d love to try it with boots and add to the review!