New Products in store

by Alex Leslie on September 19, 2017

Now is the time of year when all the new gear starts to trickle into the store. 

Whilst we are still expecting our big Cabrinha shipment next week, some exciting new products are turning up in store. 

First off we have the all new Core Fusion 3. The fusion has always been one of our best selling top tier carbon boards and is seen as a free ride icon. The new Fusion 3 137cm weighs in at 3.7kgs complete which is one of the lightest boards we have in store. This board will of course be in our demo fleet throughout the year so come down and try it at any of our demo days this season!

The second new arrival is the new Ozone Hyperlink. In the same way ozone revolutionised the cross over LEI kite market with the Enduro V1, they have done the same with the foils, making them more accessable for everybody. The hyperlink covers all the bases for a kiter these days, have a read from ozone; 

The Hyperlink is unique, it’s the first foil kite to be as dynamic and fun to ride as a performance inflatable. With an unparalleled level of stability, handling and bar feeling the Hyperlink takes it to the next level.

With an innovative valve design it can be ridden on the water, snow and land safely, as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite. 


Finally our newest shipment of trace has arrived. These guys are great for free ride or anyone getting into foiling looking to track their sessions and see exactly how fast they are. Have a look at the product here.