New Gear is Here!

by Elliot Drury on November 02, 2016


This is the best time of year - we have new gear arriving almost every day! Although we are quite sure you're tired of hearing it - there genuinely has been some great improvements this year. Build quality, finish, and innovation are the focus points of most brands for 2017. 


We have just taken delivery of the all new FIREWIRE EVO kite surfboard. This is insane for waves up to 5 foot (Aus measurement meaning around 8-10ft faces). With softer edges than the Vanguard, this is a very smooth shape which will draw slightly different lines and be a little looser off the top. If you want a small wave board for strapless riding - this is your new weapon! 

SHINN has also arrived in shop with some excellent looking new models! The all new RONSON bridges the gap between the smoothness of their freeride boards like the Monk and Bronq, and adds some freestyle spice to the mix. With extra tip width, added stiffness, and channels in the tips and rails we end up with a board that will be soft on the knees and in the chop yet pop you to the moon! The MONK GOLD also has gone through some improvements this year with some added concave in the bottom to increase lift and offer an even better ride than ever before!











Liquid Force has just released their all new MISSION BAR. This bar is a completely new design from LF and offers a great range of features in an incredibly slick package. With a PU coated depower mainline with internal safety line, adjustable bar ends, below the bar swivel, a great new release, and high quality German lines, this bar promises to be a hit. The new NV kite has been absolutely incredible so far. Make sure you come down to our demo days to get your hand on this beautiful new kit!