New features to our Website and reward scheme

by Alex Leslie on November 30, 2017

At Kitepower we want to make shopping and using our website to find information as easy as possible for you. So one year after the release of our new website we have pressed some buttons behind the scenes and refreshed how you shop for products in an effort to make life a little bit simpler. 

Whats new:

  • 4 Column product grids to get more out of each window.
  • Catagories and Brands filters at the top to help sort.
  • Menu rejig

Kitepower Rewards

As many of you will know when we moved to our great new website we were unfortunately unable to take KP Points with us to the new platform. However the Kitepower Rewards system has filled the void to help give our loyal shoppers a reason to come back. 


How does it work?

  • Earn points with every order over $100.
  • Redeem your points to get a discount code in the checkout.
  • Get free points for joining!
  • Get free points on your birthday just for turning a year older!
  • Get points for previous orders made if you checked out as a guest.



Got a question about a product? Join the discussion at the bottom of every product page.

As always we appreciate your feedback, so let us know if theres anything you'd like to see.