Windspeed Baby Diamond
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Windspeed Baby Diamond

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Great for younger kids!

Australian made and designed to last. Easy to fly and tough ripstop nylon with fibreglass construction makes this a great kite for small children.

If you want a no hassles, easy to fly kite - you can't go past the Windspeed Diamonds.

Comes complete with fibreglass frame, colourful tail, and with Nylon flying line on a winder.

Note: Colours are assorted, and are subject to change. Please leave notes in your order if you would like something specific and we will do our best!

Kite Type
Diamonds are Single String kites suited to kids of all ages that fly best in medium winds. All children, even young kids, will find our diamond kites really, really easy to fly. Just hold ’em to the wind and up they will go.

Diamond kites are a traditional design and diamond kite designs have been around for thousands of years. Windspeed has updated and modernised them a fair bit with great materials like ripstop nylon sailcloth and strong fibreglass frames but the joy and pleasure for kids flying them are still the same!

Diamond kites need slightly more wind than, say, delta designs but their shape, and the long tails on them make them really stable in the sky as the wind picks up. Is one shape better than the other? No, not really…they are just ‘different’. Deltas are usually better in light to medium winds while Diamonds are better suited to medium to fresh winds.

All of our diamond kites are super simple to put together. Just slip 2 sticks (we call them rods or spars) across the back and you’re ready to fly.