Slingshot 2024 Hope Craft V2 Kite Foil Board
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Slingshot 2024 Hope Craft V2 Kite Foil Board


    Slingshot Hope Craft V2 2024 Foilboard
    Progression-focused foilboard from Slingshot designed in collaboration with Fred Hope

    The Slingshot Hope Craft V2 2024 Foilboard is an all-around foilboard designed in collaboration with the king of foiling, Fred Hope. The goal during the development of this foilboard was to create a foilboard that focuses on kitefoilers who want to push their skills to the limit. While foiling with the Hope Craft, you quickly notice that the board won't hold you back while practicing the latest maneuvers, helping you double your bag of tricks. The Hope Craft is designed with the latest technologies and is extra stiff, making it even more responsive.

    Slingshot designed the Hope Craft with the stiffest core in the lineup - the Pro Stiffness Core. By using both wood and PVC stringers and an updated Glass Layup, the foilboard has minimal flex, even under high pressure during maneuvers like transitions or upwind riding. The nose of the foilboard has quite a bit of volume, making it easy to recover after a touchdown. The extra volume also helps with waterstarting and learning new tricks. Jump, land, and continue without coming to a stop. The deck is fully covered with Corduroy EVA, which feels super soft and provides a lot of grip. The foil can be attached to the bottom using two rails, allowing you to easily slide it forward or backward and tailor it to your skills and preferences.


    • High-Performance Foilboard
    • Advanced | Pro
    • Maximum volume nose
    • Stiff core
    • Corduroy EVA
    • Adjustable track mount


    We built and placed more volume in the nose on the Hope Craft to aid in recoveries on touchdowns and water starts. This added volume will make learning and mastering new tricks easier.

    The stiffest core we make! We implemented both wood and PVC stringers and a new beefed-up glass layup. This results in little to no flex when the board is under pressure during turns or charging upwind.

    Super-soft EVA features a corduroy texture that provides tons of grip (and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye).

    The adjustable mount allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune how it feels and performs based on your size, ability, and personal preference.
    *not included on the 120cm

    90cm x 45cm x 4cm | 12 L | 2.58kg
    100cm x 45cm x 4cm | 13 L | 2.74kg
    110cm x 45cm x 4cm | 14 L | 2.83kg
    120cm x 47cm x 4cm | 16 L | 3.17kg

    Who's It For:
    Riders looking to experience unparalleled control and maneuverability on the water with the Hope Craft V2. It's not just a foil board, it's a tool for those who want to push the boundaries of what's possible.

    Package Includes:
    Hope Craft V2 Board
    (Foil Track Hardware Not Included)