PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
PPC Surge V2
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PPC Surge V2

$599.50 $1,199.00

    PPC is proud to announce the Surge wing! After months of development, we are very confident we have nailed what a high-performance wing should be.

    NEW for Surge wing V2!

    • Updated handles
    • Updated wrist leash with brass swivel
    • Extra reinforcements on canopy tips
    • Handle position adjustments

    Our goal was to design a wing that is lightweight & balanced, while still being incredibly rigid & powerful, and not flexing & folding with stronger wind conditions & jumping.

    Through vigorous testing & prototyping, we figured out exactly where a wing needs strength/rigidity & where the wing needs to be tapered to enhance airflow.

    The combination of our unique leading-edge thicknesses/shape gives our wing incredible structure, a real ‘hang-glide’ feel in the air that lets you float to a soft landing. The PPC Wing flies like a kite when surfing waves, making it super easy to manage.

    With carefully placed handles on this incredibly high-performance wing, we know we have a wing with the characteristics a GREAT wing should have.

    We can’t wait for you to enjoy the hard work we have put in & get out there on the water & wing foil in total performance!

    The latest V2 model has windows but can be ordered with none, colours vary.

    Construction and Features;

    • Leading edge & struts are made of German Polyant Dacron
    • Canopy sail – Japanese Teijin cloth
    • Kevlar wing tip reinforcement
    • Dual layered PVC reinforced handles (rigid & comfortable)
    • Dual chamber valves