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A great high aspect land kite for racing and buggies


The Quantum is the result of intensive research, development and testing. The design goal was to make an easy-to-fly high performance race winning land kite. It has been designed to excel in high level buggy and snowkite races. The Quantum is a completely new design, basically everything has changed, new planform, higher arc, more cells, less bridle attachment points and the latest internal construction methods. This all gives the Quantum a unique look and clean surfaces and shape which helps increase all round performance. Ozone worked very hard on the Quantum’s stability and used some of the latest technology from their Paragliding division to help achieve their goal. The result is less demanding kite to fly than our previous race kites and has a totally different new comfortable feeling, the power is more constant without having to use the brakes as much. It accelerates quicker after manoeuvres and pulls you easily through softer sands/ surfaces.

Team rider Malte Lutz has been involved in developing the new kite and has already proven the Quantum’s potential by winning the very competitive 2013 German Championships. The new Quantum is easier to fly but it still needs an experienced pilot to get the full performance out of it.

Ozone have designed the Quantum to be flown on 15m linesets to gain more forward pull and better upwind performance. In very light wind conditions the 13.5 and 11.2 should be used on 20m line lengths.



This is the way a kiteboarding shop should be. Staff are super friendly. They take the time to understand your requirements, provide advice and never put any pressure on you to buy anything. There's a huge range of stock and I've been able to demo a great range of kites and boards over the years.
After sales service is the best. Recently I had an issue with a kite I'd bought there which was well out of warranty and they didn't hesitate to inspect, diagnose and repair the issue for me and get me back on the water.

David O'Brien
Sydney, NSW

You can’t go wrong buying your kites, boards, foils, and all your gear from Kitepower - and I’ll tell you why. The culture of the business mirrors the passion and dedication of the company’s founder, Steve McCormack. And culture matters. When you purchase from Kitepower you’re purchasing from a team of kiting enthusiasts and experts who will look after you. You’ll be purchasing from a family owned business that will do the right thing and put your safety and comfort first. I fully understand that you might not have an opportunity to meet Steve. And maybe if you're purchasing online you won't step foot inside their Sydney location. But I can tell you that Steve’s dedication to kiters and to the sport of kiting is imprinted into the DNA of Kitepower and the team.

Jack Born
Byron Bay, NSW

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