North Sonar Dawn Edition
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North Sonar Dawn Edition


    The forgiving longer fuselage delays the pitching moment, giving you greater time to react. It’s precisely CNCmachined and hydrodynamically optimized shape offers minimal resistance, while the aluminium mast delivers the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads. The AF72 mast is also ideal for shallower waters and prone surf foiling.

    • New 30% stiffer refined aluminium mast section
    • New 700mm CNC-machined aluminium Fuselage
    • GeoLock connection joins the mast and fuselage, so they feel like one piece
    • Easy recovery from surface breaching
    • Carbon pre-preg stabilizer
    • Fits all boards with 165x90mm mounting pattern
    Product Details

    AF72 Mast, Foil Board Adaptor, A700 Fuselage, S01 Stabilizer, Tool Kit, Screw Packs A,B,C,* Travel Bag, Front wings sold separately.

    *Foil to board mounting screws are included with North Foil Boards.