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J-Shapes Freeride Foil
  • J-Shapes Freeride Foil
  • J-Shapes Freeride Foil

J-Shapes Freeride Foil


The J-Shapes foil is a favourite amongst our staff here for its ergonomic design and lightweight Carbon construction


The Foil and Fuselage

The J Shapes freeride foil was designed to be tough, playful and glide effortlessly in all conditions.  The one piece prepreg carbon construction will give you the peace of mind to jump, wave ride, cruise and race in all conditions. 
It is balanced to cruise in very light winds and rip in stronger winds. It will foil up at around 9 knots and will easily hit 25 knots and go to the upper 20’s in total comfort. 

This foil was made for all conditions so you can push the limits or cruise.


The ease of the J Shapes Freeride foil comes from its 58cm by 14cm front wing . The profile of the front foil will allow you to plane up early in light winds and be in full control at top speeds. 

Regardless of the speed, your weight will still be evenly distributed. That means you do not need all your weight forward when hiting top speeds. 

The front foil is 9cm high meaning that it is very stable in all direction and will allow the rider to lean and carve into turns without spinning out. 
The fuselage from front wing to tail is 65cm giving you good balance. 
The rear foil is 35cm by 8.5 to give you a strong balance point and stabilizer. 

The connection to the mast is done through a mini tuttle box, 120mm x 25mmx 19mm and screws through two interchangeable 18.5 mm stainless inserts.  This gives and extremely stong connection to the mast and if you ever damage the threads you can just pop out the inserts and put in new one.

The fuselage was beefed up to 35mm x 30mm to properly encase the insert and reduce tortion. If the foil has too much tortion it will become unstable at high speeds.

Tacking and jibing:

The larger front foil and profile will greatly improve any riders tacking and jibing.  This foil will make you foil through your transition by giving you the constant lift and stability that you need to nail your turns. 
When tacking it will give you a long lift to finish out your upwind carve. 
When jibing it will not bounce you off or drop you dwon when you switch your feet, with just a bit of speed you will be able to glide through your jibes.

Jumping and Wave riding:

This is not for everyone but soon enough you will never want to part from your foil and will want to take it into the waves or the air.  It is bomb proof so jump it and have fun, practice your foiling rolls or ride a swell and wave. The sensation of the wave taking over the power of the kite is amazing.


All of our construction is done in house  in Raglan, New Zealand.
Our prepreg carbon is custom made to our specifications in Australia.
The foils are made of over 50 cuts of twill, Biaxial and uni directional carbon to maximize strength.  The core is made of closed cell foam to reduce weight. 
The foil is assembled and cooked in aluminium moulds.
All the carbon pieces are cut by a CNC machine to reduce imperfections and optimize the layout.  The prepreg ensures us that all the carbon is wetted out and the high temperature curring ensures a tough product.

The Finish:

The foil can be finished in white Durapox or UV Sunshield. 

The advantage to  the white Durapox is that it does not heat up in the sun and protects the carbon from UV’s that are tough in NZ and Australia.  It also allows the owner of the foil to have a race finish like the America’s Cup boats. Also, if you hit or scratch your foil you can sand it or build it back up very easily. 

The UV Sunshield gives you beautiful carbon finish with a UV coat.

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