Dynabar V8 XW
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Dynabar V8 XW

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DYNABAR XW V8 is the most advanced spreader bar available on the market and its features make it the best solution for all kitesurf disciplines.

The XW V8 version has different options included in the package:

  • Sliding Hook - 2 ProRace dyneema slider. 
  • 2 x 45mm Belt Hook for 1 or 2 harness's webbing.

Other options can be added: ProWave steel slider. No fixed options are possible, see DYNABAR XT V8 if you need them.

DYNABAR XW V8 is in two sizes: 11"-29cm for S-M harness size and 13"-34cm for M-L-XL harness size. Please measure the space between buckles and verify you have enough space to tighten your harness.