Dakine 2020 Pyro Harness Only
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Dakine 2020 Pyro Harness Only

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    The 2020 Dakine Pyro Kiteboard harness builds on Dakine’s long heritage in kiteboarding to offer a fuller profile waist harness. The Pyro features an Adaptive Fit Composite back panel with Texon counter/stiffener, which offers the ultimate support and an improved custom fit that improves each time you use the harness. Fit is further enhanced with featherweight ES foam moulded interior, a pre-curved inner support structure and memory foam pressure point relief zones to keep you on the water longer.

    • 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Supportive large stiff back panel
    • Adaptive Fit Composite Texon shell
    • Memory foam pressure point relief zones
    • Pre-curved P.E.B. inner support structure
    • Featherweight ES foam moulded interior
    • Spreader bar hold down webbing strap
    • Two side key / knife pockets with elastic loop
    • Independent primary and secondary power belt
    • Integrated handle and leash attachment
    • Left or right side leash attachment ring

    Supportive design – The Pyro features a hard back plate with the largest back panel in the Dakine range providing the most back support and load dispersion, much more than the rest of the industries low profile hard harnesses.

    Memory Foam – Dakine’s use of soft memory foam makes the Pyro mold to your body to hold in position as well as relieve any pressure zones.

    Built to last – We often see 10 year old Pyros still in use. On top of that Dakine’s warranty policy is 2nd to none. The Dakine Pyro will give you the confidence to continue to push your riding and the back support to keep you on the water longer.

    *The 2020 Pyro does not include a spreader bar* allowing you to use any style of bar that you want for either kitesurfing or windsurfing. For kitesurfing we recommend the Dakine Push Button Hammerhead for a fixed hook and the Mystic Stealth Surf Spreader Bar for a sliding bar. For windsurfing we recommend the Dakine Push Button Windsurfing Spreader Bar.

    Harness Sizing -

    • XS= 28-30″ [ 71-76cm ] recommended SB= 8″ [ 20cm ]
    • S= 30-32″ [ 76-81cm ] recommended SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
    • M= 32-34″ [ 81-86cm ] recommended SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
    • L= 34-36″ [ 86-91cm ] recommended SB= 10″ [ 25cm ]
    • XL= 36-38″ [ 91-96cm ] recommended SB= 12″ [ 30cm ]