Axis Surf Foil - Build Your Own

Axis Surf Foil - Build Your Own


Axis ART series front wing

Axis 2021 Broad Spectrum Carve front wings (Black series)

Axis 2021 High Performance Speed Wings (Black series)

AXIS Front Wing for S-Series Foil

Pump and Glide series wings

Original Carve wings 900mm

Original Carve wings 1000mm

Performance Surf Front Wing

Rear Wing

Axis 2021 Carbon Foil Mast V2

16mm Foil Mast

19mm Foil Mast

Axis B-Series 2020 Fuselage (Black series)


Base Plate

Fuselage to Mast Adapter

Foil Screw Kit

20mm Torx Head x 4

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