Armstrong HS232 V2 Tail wing
Armstrong HS232 V2 Tail wing
Armstrong HS232 V2 Tail wing
Armstrong HS232 V2 Tail wing
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Armstrong HS232 V2 Tail wing


    The freshly minted and innovative High Speed 232 (212 Chop Shop) Tail Wing is a complete performance upgrade for ALL Armstrong foils. The reduced area and drag make it ideal for higher speed and tighter turning.

    The layup has been re-engineered so the ultra frothers out there are free to Chop Shop the tips down to a HS 212cm2 - without structural issues. 
    The HS 232 is compatible with the entire CF wing range, it’s the next level performance upgrade.


    • The tail wing has a foam core wrapped in the highest quality Carbon keeping it light and super rigid.
    • The Titanium screw inserts are in keeping with our philosophy of zero corrosion materials throughout the entire product range.
    • The unique flow fences improve stability by minimizing the disruption of turbulent flow from the front wing, mast and fuselage.

    Tail Wing area: 232cm2 or Chop Shop 212cm2
    Wingspan: 387mm
    Weight: 140g

    *Comes complete with screws and protective cover.