Amos Shapes Frequent Flyer prone foilboard
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Amos Shapes Frequent Flyer prone foilboard


    The Frequent Flyer foil surfboard was created to suit entry level to intermediate/advanced surf foilers. This foil surfboard has a relatively flat rocker and high volume, specifically designed to get you lots of waves, steadily up and foil surfing.

    The Frequent Flyer foil board features a slightly scooped out concave deck for comfort and increased sensitivity with a fuller beveled rail for stability whilst hydrofoil surfing. This surf foil board will also suit foil surfers wanting a bit more volume for extra paddle power.

    All board constructions are Marko EPS Foam with specifically engineered track system providing an incredibly light board with maximum strength and foil to board sensitivity. All foil boards are vacuum bagged with vents for maximum strength, lightness and durability.

    This foil surfboard can be customised to suit your specific requirements including higher volume if required.


    • High volume and more foam under the chest making it easier paddling getting into waves early
    • Concave deck for comfort and increased sensitivity to your foil
    • Strong purpose engineered track system
    • All rounder foil board suiting beginner to advanced
    • Deck Grip Included


    • Specifically designed high density inserts for maximised strength where board connects to foil
    • Futures (genuine) 10.75” fin boxes
    • We use Marko EPS Foam and the best fibreglass, carbon and epoxy we can get our hands on.
    • Vacuum bagged for strength and lightness
    • Air vent installation included
    • Amos Shapes only uses the highest quality materials available in order to build your premium foiling product.
    • Weight ranges vary due to board size and choice of construction but typically range from 2.2-2.9kg.