Peak Womens Energy 1,5mm L/SL Springsuit

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Peak Womens Energy 1,5mm L/SL Springsuit

Peak Womens Energy 1.5mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit is a competitively priced spring suit that is suitable for surfing, paddle sports, diving in warmer climates and basically anything that you need a bit of extra core warmth. Long Sleeve spring suits are increasingly popular and are extremely effective at cutting down wind-chill, without you having to get into your thick winter suit.

Peak's long history as a major player in the surfing wetsuit realm has resulted in a fine-tuned fit that you won't find in a suit anywhere near this price - that's because they leverage Rip Curl's materials, manufacturing and design.


  • Peak Womens Energy 1.5mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit Features:
  • 1.5mm thickness: 1.5mm used throughout the wet suit.
  • High-quality Neoprene: Peak's mid-range rubber stretchy, soft and warm.
  • Flatlock Seams: A durable seam that's built to last.
  • Long Sleeves: more warmth than a standard springy, most effective against wind-chill and great for diving applications too.
  • Back Zip entry: Simple and easy to wear, extra long pull-tab! 



This is the way a kiteboarding shop should be. Staff are super friendly. They take the time to understand your requirements, provide advice and never put any pressure on you to buy anything. There's a huge range of stock and I've been able to demo a great range of kites and boards over the years.
After sales service is the best. Recently I had an issue with a kite I'd bought there which was well out of warranty and they didn't hesitate to inspect, diagnose and repair the issue for me and get me back on the water.

David O'Brien
Sydney, NSW

You can’t go wrong buying your kites, boards, foils, and all your gear from Kitepower - and I’ll tell you why. The culture of the business mirrors the passion and dedication of the company’s founder, Steve McCormack. And culture matters. When you purchase from Kitepower you’re purchasing from a team of kiting enthusiasts and experts who will look after you. You’ll be purchasing from a family owned business that will do the right thing and put your safety and comfort first. I fully understand that you might not have an opportunity to meet Steve. And maybe if you're purchasing online you won't step foot inside their Sydney location. But I can tell you that Steve’s dedication to kiters and to the sport of kiting is imprinted into the DNA of Kitepower and the team.

Jack Born
Byron Bay, NSW

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