FCS II Ben Wilson Carbon Tri Fins set

FCS II Ben Wilson Carbon Tri Fins set

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The FCS II Ben Wilson Signature Fin set feature a high speed foil matrix that will perform under intense pressure and loading at high speeds. The BW fin will also transition nicely to regular surfing in powerful, fast, and hollow conditions. fins feature a high speed foil matrix that will perform under intense pressure and loading at high speeds. The BW fin will also transition nicely to regular surfing in powerful, fast, and hollow conditions.  Strategically placed carbon fiber resists flex through the tip and mid-section to create a more uniformed flex pattern throughout the entire fin. Surf or kite, this fin lets you lay down serious rail without losing control or momentum, a feature that also translates to improved upwind capability and stability across choppy water.  The BW Signature Fins have the traction to give you confidence to commit to a high speed bottom turn and the reaction to make explosive turns in critical sections.

Design Characteristics:

  • Designed by Ben specifically to be able to handle the demands of the power of and speed kitesurfing while still maintaining agility and playfulness of surfing.
  • Tri-fin set for optimum drive, precision and control
  • Size: The BW Signature fin is built off of a large fin template giving it grip and hold thru turns and the ability to point upwind.
  • Sweep: The BW has a slightly more dramatic sweep, similar to the carver for grip and traction on fast and powerfull longer carving turns.
  • Foil: By adding the 80/20 foil to the template he has also achieved increased sensitivity to rider input and overall responsiveness.

Here is a segment from Ben’s blog on his Signature Fin:

“I’ve been working with FCS for over 10 years now, and over the past two years we’ve been developing the world’s first kite-specific fin. They’re finally ready to go and I’m so proud to see them out there.

Projects like this are one of the best things about what I do. There’s nothing better than testing different products and working with designers to refine them and give other riders the best experience in the water.

A lot of hard work has gone into this product from all of us and it’s been awesome working with the team at FCS.  These fins are made from the best materials and designed especially to withstand kitesurfing’s high speed and pressure. But we haven’t neglected surf-performance either; this fin is still responsive enough to use for regular surfing.

I predominantly ride a thruster setup because I feel it works best in the widest range of conditions; it’s predictable and controlled. I still ride a quad in certain conditions, however I chose to work with FCS specifically on a thruster. If you’re interested in getting yourself a quad as well, I recommend an FCSII carver quad rear set as an addition. These work perfectly with my fins and I actually got a lot of inspiration from the FCSII carver fin.” – Ben Wilson  BenWilsonCoaching.com/

FIN MATERIAL: Performance Core Carbon

FIN SIZE: Large – 75-90Kg (165-200Lbs)


Base: 4.58″ / 116mm
Depth: 4.66″ / 118mm
Area: 15.73″² / 10150mm²
Sweep: 37.0º
Foil Side Fins: 80/20
Foil Center Fins: 50/50



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After sales service is the best. Recently I had an issue with a kite I'd bought there which was well out of warranty and they didn't hesitate to inspect, diagnose and repair the issue for me and get me back on the water.

David O'Brien
Sydney, NSW

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