Kite Flying

These pages are all about Kids Kites, adults (or big kids) kites from Prism and Revolution. Prism kites make a range that will suit all ages. Windsocks and things that add colour and movement are in this collection of pages too. If you break it, you will also find all the parts and info on how to get your kite repaired and flying again.
Prism E3
  • STD
Prism E3
Prism Hypnotist
  • 2.4m
Prism Nexus
  • Yellow
  • Spectrum
  • Aqua
Prism Nexus
Prism Zenith 5 Delta
  • Complete
Prism Synapse
  • 1.4m
Prism Synapse
from $69.00 $69.00
Prism Jazz
  • Ice
  • Fire
Prism Jazz
Prism 4D
  • Purple
Prism 4D
Prism Isotope
  • Iris
  • Mojito
  • Sunrise