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CORE XLITE (Kite Only)

Foiling is your thing. This obsession may have started out as an innocent light wind activity, but it's grown much bigger. You now challenge the norms and push the foiling envelope. How far will you take foiling? Perhaps a lot further than you'd imagine. And we'll be cheering for you.

How do Core do it?
Mass reduction isn't easy. So, we experimented with new leading edge materials, bridles, and one strut designs. After exhaustive R&D, our designers zeroed in on CoreTex for the canopy and new ExoTex Light for the leading edge. CoreTex adds support and power to the one strut canopy. ExoTex Light brings similar strength as our current ExoTex leading edge dacron yet is more than 10% lighter. We developed thinner, anti-snag bridles that further reduce weight and improve water relaunching. No detail was too small to lightweight. In the end, we hit our 20% mass reduction target.



Just a little lighter. No-stretch ExoTex Light Dacron incorporates a unique radial reinforcing thread pattern and emulsion (protective coating) process that enables higher pressure airframes with smaller diameters. ExoTex Light features a re-engineered reinforcing thread pattern that reduces mass by approximately 10%. The new Dacron improves airflow, flight stability, and rider feedback by substantially increasing tube strength and rigidity despite reducing diameters. Expect a smooth ride, snappy turns, and endless smiles on your XLITE.


Our, industry-leading, triple ripstop canopy fabric is protected and strengthened with three different coating processes called emulsions. CoreTex sets benchmarks in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection, and elongation. Feel the tight, crisp signature only a CoreTex kite delivers.

Our single strut frame delivers better lightwind control than strutless kites by reducing excessive canopy flutter. Single struts also offer superior water relaunching capabilities over strutless kites, especially in lighter wind and surf conditions.

The efficient light wind profile generates power and speed with a maximum camber that is shifted further back to improve drifting. Give it gas, though, and the XLITE comes alive! You'll feel in total control bearing downwind and carving those delicious air jibes.

A quick relaunch is critical in lighter winds and surf conditions. So, we designed the kite to reverse launch when needed. The mono strut makes water relaunching in the surf a breeze compared to strutless designs.

The XLITE's slightly higher aspect ratio Future-C design delivers fast, tight turns. It features a wider tip area that generates stable, balanced flight with precise control. Picture yourself carving at speed while gracefully down-looping your XLITE. Yup. It's that easy.

Custom fit your XLITE to your riding style.

Start by selecting your preferred CIT modes on the leading edge bridle connection points. The wave mode makes the kite turn faster, increases depower, and doesn't pull you off your board. The freestyle mode increases your turn radius, stabilizes the kite for more natural foil-style moves. This mode also provides a little extra grunt and lift making foot changes a snap. The kite comes out of the bag in all round mode, which provides excellent depower, grunt, and handling. Start your foil adventures in all round mode and enjoy the ride!

Short and sweet.

The XLITE's super short, bridle system improves feedback, so you have a better feel your kite's position. And the new anti-snag bridle attachment points improve water relaunching. Now, imagine a kite that practically anticipates every turn, as if it's hot-wired to your brain

No special hose adapter needed here!

The Speed Valve 2 connects directly to any standard 20mm OD twist lock pump hose. The Speed Valve 2 maximizes airflow, minimizes inflation times and noticeably reduces pump effort. This inflation/deflation system is so good you may even leave your electric pump at home.

Anti-wear patches where you need them most.

Extreme abrasion resistant patches on leading edge segment seams and strut tips give another level of protection from perfectly placed beach hazards.

The XLITE is fully compatible with the Sensor 2 and Sensor 2S bar system: Sensor 2, Sensor 2+, Sensor Pro, Sensor 2S, Sensor 2S Pro and Sensor 2S Pro Foil.


Like all our kites, we optimize the XLITE for our ultralight Sensor bar systems. SLE foil kites are sensitive to heavy kite lines that sag and affect steering so investing in a good bar is worth every penny. And for the ultimate in XLITE performance, we recommend our new Sensor 2S Pro Foil Bar

The new mid-sized bar (39/45cm) comes with an all-carbon design and super adjustable lines that are 20% thinner. Thinner lines reduce drag, improve steering, and help water relaunching in marginal conditions. The bar comes with 22m Tectanium Vario lines (16m+2m+4m) that are 300+kg rated. And for extra measure, we include 3m extensions in the bag to give you the option to foil with 25m line lengths. Sensor 2S Pro Foil. It's worth it.



This is the way a kiteboarding shop should be. Staff are super friendly. They take the time to understand your requirements, provide advice and never put any pressure on you to buy anything. There's a huge range of stock and I've been able to demo a great range of kites and boards over the years.
After sales service is the best. Recently I had an issue with a kite I'd bought there which was well out of warranty and they didn't hesitate to inspect, diagnose and repair the issue for me and get me back on the water.

David O'Brien
Sydney, NSW

You can’t go wrong buying your kites, boards, foils, and all your gear from Kitepower - and I’ll tell you why. The culture of the business mirrors the passion and dedication of the company’s founder, Steve McCormack. And culture matters. When you purchase from Kitepower you’re purchasing from a team of kiting enthusiasts and experts who will look after you. You’ll be purchasing from a family owned business that will do the right thing and put your safety and comfort first. I fully understand that you might not have an opportunity to meet Steve. And maybe if you're purchasing online you won't step foot inside their Sydney location. But I can tell you that Steve’s dedication to kiters and to the sport of kiting is imprinted into the DNA of Kitepower and the team.

Jack Born
Byron Bay, NSW

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