This is the place for everything to do with fixing the bladders in your kite. If the kite bladder for your kite is not shown here, email or call the shop. 

                The biggest issue with a damaged bladder is the size and shape of the hole, if it is very large and irregularly shaped is best to get a new bladder. However, if it is small, Tear Aid tape or Stormsure glue or tape will fix the damage permanently. Fix My Kite make a range of spare bladders to fit any kite and they also have spare valves to fit all kites including Cabrinha, North, Duotone, Ozone, F-One, Naish, Airush, Liquid Force, Core, Slingshot, and any other brand.


                Universal One Pump Hose Clamp


                Tuff Tape Circular Patches (5 Pack)


                FixMyKite Threaded Big Boston Pump Adapter


                Core Speed Valve 2.0


                Core Speed Valve 1.1


                FixMyKite Kook-Proof Pigtail Set


                Ozone One Pump V2 Hose retaining collet


                FixMyKite Switch 90 Degree One Pump Valve


                Ozone bladder Reo V6


                Ozone bladder Reo V5


                Ozone bladder Reo V4


                Ozone bladder Reo 2015 V3


                Ozone bladder Reo 2014


                Ozone bladder Reo


                Ozone bladder set Edge 2014 or V8


                Ozone bladder set Edge V9

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