NP Fireline Beanie
NP Fireline Beanie
NP Fireline Beanie
NP Fireline Beanie
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NP Fireline Beanie

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Of course the Neil Pryde Fireline Beanie keeps your head and ears toasty on cold days, but it's also the most comfortable neoprene beanie we've ever worn. They say the amazingly soft, warm, and light-weight lining absorbs water and gets heated by your body for a greenhouse effect. We just say it feels great.

The Neil Pryde Fireline Beanie is a very comfortable neoprene beanie and it is excellent at keeping you warm on the cool days. It uses Fireline technology which is incredibly warm and a light wieght lining. The surface absorbs moisture which, when heated by your body, creates a warming greenhouse effect. 


  • 2mm Apex-Flex
  • Fireline lining
  • Elastic attachment loop