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Kitesurfing Lessons - Brisbane

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Learn to kiteboard (or kitesurf) in Brisbane - We teach kiteboarding in several locations including Brighton and Sandgate. Kitepower QLD is a fully certified IKO Kiteboarding school with experienced and qualified instructors. 

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Once you’ve mastered your trainer kite, and come along to one of our FREE introduction lessons, you will probably only need a couple of lessons. You will learn how to launch and land your kite, bodydrag, ride up and downwind and self-rescue. You’ll be up on a board before you know it and we’ll ensure you have all the skills to be a confident and self-reliant kitesurfer. 

We supply all equipment and use only the latest and safest kites. You can supply your own equipment if you wish, it doesn't make the lesson any cheaper, but it does mean you'll feel right at home on your own gear.

Lessons are available whenever there is wind and bookings are essential. Give us a call to book a lesson, we prefer weekdays due to the beaches being much quieter. But weekend lessons are of course also available! 

Remember - Trainer kites are NOT OPTIONAL if you want to see a board within 2 hours. If you'd just like to 'have a go' of kitesurfing, please call us about an introduction to kitesurfing lesson. 

Requirements: Trainer kite flying experience is necessary 
Includes: An instructor for the duration of your lesson; plus all the equipment you need including a current model kite, board, harness and safety gear. 
Locations: Brighton or Sandgate Beach (Brisbane) depending on wind strength and direction.
What to bring: All the usual beachy stuff - towel, sunscreen, board shorts and a rash vest, plus something to drink and warm clothes to wear after your lesson.   

Standard Lessons (two hours): $200

Choose a two hour lesson if you want to learn some techniques or skills you've never learnt before. Two hours gives you plenty of time to run through the theory, practice and analysis of each skill as you progress. After two hours, most kiteboarders start getting tired, so this is the longest we'll ever teach in one session. 

Remember we can teach you whatever you need to know, whether that's the whole shebang from setup to packdown - or just the simplest trick you want to perfect. Having two hours of time with your instructor allows you to relax a little and really get to grips with your new skills.  

Learn to kite course (six hours): $500

Never been kitesurfing kite before? No worries, we'll teach you how in 3x two hour lessons. As long as you've had a red hot crack at a trainer kite, in six hours we'll get you setting up your own kite, launching and landing, body dragging and riding on a board. We won't guarantee you'll be able to back roll by the end of it, but you will have the skills to continue practising by yourself. 

We split the six hours up into 3 x two hour lessons - usually spaced no less than 2-3 days apart. By spacing your lessons out this way, you don't get fatigued - you have time to think about what we've taught you after each lesson - and you get to experience a range of kitesurfing conditions. You'll finish your lessons prepared to tackle real world conditions, on your own, and most importantly - in a safe manner.  

Advanced lesson (one hour): $100

Need a little push in the right direction? Our instructors are pretty awesome kiteboarders, and can teach you any new skill you'd like to learn. Advanced lessons are aimed at the kiter who already owns their gear and knows how to ride around comfortably. We start the clock once you're on the water and settled in - so there's no time wasted setting up or packing down, you get 60 minutes of pure water time with your very own instructor. 

You might not want to learn new tricks - maybe you'd like to learn how to ride a surfboard, or a race board. We can do that too - in fact we'll even supply the board for you. When taking lessons with Kitepower QLD we supply you with a full setup, tailored to the skills you want to learn in your lesson.  


Please read our 'Terms and Conditions' before purchasing this product:

* Kiteboarding is extremely weather dependant. If conditions are unsuitable, we will reschedule your lesson to a time that suits you.
* We cannot refund vouchers for weather conditions. Sorry, take it up with Huey. 
* There is no expiry on these vouchers. Once you've paid us for a lesson, you can take your lesson... Even if you're old and grey... 
* Please don't purchase a lesson unless you are willing to travel to one of the locations above.

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